Finding Creative Ways to Deliver Optimal Results

Allen Logistics is used to dealing with big problems - our specialty is finding big solutions. Monica Southward and her team understand the peace of mind a solid organizational structure brings when dealing with large shipments and various inventory.

Established in 1997, Allen Logistics is a family owned and operated business that offers dunnage and container management, inventory logistics and storage solutions. Our niche services include pallet cleaning, rack cleaning, rack repair, cross-docking, sorting, labeling, tote washing, other returnable container cleaning, and product storage. We work in tandem with our partner company, 1st Express, Inc., when providing same-day and next-day trucking services.

We offer corporation-level logistics with a family owned mentality. Our customer-focused service and ability to cater specifically to your needs set us apart from other supply chain companies. We do whatever it takes to help reach your goals, from building custom machinery to working within your timeline. Let us find big solutions to your logistical challenges today!

Understanding your industry, maximizing your ROI

Allen Logistics focuses on streamlining your product management in ways that make sense for your specific industry. What works for one company may not work for another.

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