Creating Diverse Solutions for Diverse Industries

At 1st Express, Inc., we know different industries face vastly different challenges. The similar thread between these challenges is 1st Express' ability to find unique solutions for your business regardless of your industry. Our customizable services help clients in industries such as packaging, consumer goods, retail and more. Call 419-476-6881 to discuss your individual needs and how we can help keep your business moving to the front of your competition!


In today's competitive market, auto manufacturers need car, truck and motorcycle-related parts delivered just-in-time and in an organized manner. Save time, reduce costs and increase production using 1st Express, Inc.'s same-day or next-day trucking and cross-docking services. We have worked with national automotive manufactures, including General Motors and Ford. Our expedited shipping and distribution services can handle any type of part, including your hazardous materials.

General Commodities

Various commodities producers require specific conditions in which to ship their products. 1st Express' fleet includes standardized 53' van trailers and 53' insulated, heated trailers. Our clients depend on us to protect their temperature-sensitive items safely, including paint, corrosives and other hazardous materials. With our heated trailers and Hazmat-certified drivers, we have the resources to transport various sized shipments requiring protection from freezing and to deliver them on time.


From raw supplies to finished products, rising transportation costs are leading to a need for higher cost-efficiency in manufacturing. As a smaller company that is able to dedicate more attention to each customer, 1st Express, Inc., provides customizable transportation at competitive rates across the Midwest.

Demands in manufacturing change frequently and quickly. A key element in meeting these shifting demands is working with a reliable transportation management company with flexible service. With dispatchers available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 1st Express, Inc., is able to tailor our transportation services to cater to leading producers and meet your customers' demands.

Tailoring our services to fit your individual needs

At 1st Express, Inc., we welcome every opportunity to find innovative ways of exceeding your expectations and reaching your goals. We never take "no" for an answer!

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